Rakudai Vol 12 Cover


So I’m a bit late on sharing this but here is the cover for volume 12 for anyone who hasn’t seen it. I’m not sure why but the artist is still giving Stella those weird shaped boobs. IDK.

Also AP24 on animesuki has finished his summary of Volume 11 and will shortly be adding it to the wikia page for everyone to read.

Plus a shout out to Frozen for saving us from the drought of not reading this novel in English. Buy this guy a beer or a pizza. Maybe both. Cheers. http://frozensama.blogspot.com/



Blu Ray release


So for anyone interested Sentai Filmworks will be releasing a standard and collectors edition of the Blu-Ray/DVD of the anime. Somewhat hefty price but IMO well worth it. It’d be nice if sales were high enough to garner interest for a second season buuutt unfortunately our market probably won’t affect Japan enough to convince them to make a second season. Maybe.


Links are here if anyone is interested.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Complete Collection

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Premium Box Set